Website Update Log

This page lists all the latest changes, additions and removals on the Hebrides Weather website.
This covers anything from a complete new page to a new piece of data added to the dashboard on the home page.
The list of updates will start from 24th June 2013 and continue from there.

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Update Details
Sadly, after 9 years the site has now closed.
The site is moving to Lochaber and will be restarted later in 2016 to cover the Lochaber area.
The North and Eastern SkyCams are now both HikVision DS-2CD2032-I IP webcams.
They are giving a large and HD quality image for the static and video images.
I have also been able to re-introduce the all day video for the Eastern SkyCam.
I've add a new page to the site which shows the two webcams Comhairle nan Eilean Siar have on Clisham in Harris.
The images are downloaded by my server every 5 minutes, cached on the server, resized and then displayed to the
web page. This avoids ”Hot Linking“ directly from the CnES website.
The old forecast script broke during an update so here is a new one with added features.
Just mouse-over the graph or main forecast for more detail and there is a new 1 hour detailed forecast as well.
Because this new script includes the hourly details, the old hourly detail page (wxfxdetail.php) has been removed.
The Eastern SkyCam time lapse for the day & yesterday stopped creating & uploading
so I've removed them from the page and added a 1 hour time lapse for the Eastern SkyCam which shows more detail.
NOAA, who produce most of the data for the Space Weather page, updated their website recently,
which meant rebuilding the page script to link to the new style NOAA website.
A few things were lost and a few added, I hope you like the change.
New Motherboard & processor fitted
The motherboard and/or processor which powers the PC with all the weather software on it for this website
wouldn't reboot after a power outage during the thunderstorms on the 11th Dec.
So a new motherboard & processor were fitted with more capacity to handle the loads the software puts on the system
these days; quad core AMD FX processor with 8Gb RAM.
The Nexstorm lightning map has been upgraded to a new version with an interactive map,
a new graph and other nice features.
The original map has been retained following a request from a user.
The Risk forecast is based on the latest forecast produced by HebWX and gives a overview of
more extreme or dangerous condition within the forecast. Such as high winds, sleet & snow or thunderstorms.
You can find the Risk Forecast at the bottom of the Home page.
Added a new page with an interactive wind map.
Scroll in and out, click and hold to rotate the Earth.
All time lapse videos are now in MP4 format, instead of FLV.
This means they are a smaller file size and will play on most up to date browsers, including those for Android and iOS platforms.
I have started to upload a 1 hour video from the Northern Skycam. This uses images captured once every 10 seconds, instead of once a minute for the normal time lapse videos.
I think it shows more detail of the cloud activity. It has need restricted to the last hour because of the video size.
A new page has been added for the Icelandic volcanoes with shows the notable earthquakes and the current warning status from the Icelandic Met Office.
Some of the menu items have changed location to bring the more frequently used pages nearer the top of the menu.
The Blog link has been removed as I don't use the Blog any more and post items on the Facebook page instead.
The Meteox image at the top of the page has changed because Meteox have stopped feeding the overlay I was using for the radar & lightning.
The footer text colour has been changed to white to make it easier to read.
Due to a change in the Weather Underground website format, the script I used to show the Stornoway forecast from Wunderground broke.
The website stat's also showed that the page wasn't accessed very often and rather than spending time working on a little used page, I decided to remove it.
I have also removed the forecast comparison page because that also used the Wunderground forecast to compare against my own forecast.
Added the "Yesterday" videos for the Northern and Eastern SkyCams.
Sadly I have removed the Southwest Skycam image & video until I get a new camera because the last one was zapped during a thunderstorm.
Southwest SkyCam time lapse video added.
This will only be the "Day so far" video but I may add a "Yesterday video" later.
New script added which will show a warning at the top of the main page area if the live data file is stale.
New Axis 211A IP webcam installed to create the Southwest SkyCam images.
This page was added at the request of visitor to assist in finding where new items can be found.
Barometer last hour trend amount and 3 hour trend text added to main dashboard
Stornoway Tides added to the main dashboard, covering 3 days.
New Axis 211 IP webcam installed to replace the USB webcam which supplied the images for the Northern SkyCam.
Main dashboard which contains all the data was updated with too many changes to list here.